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Wilsons Colic Mixture

Wilsons Colic Mixture was formulated by the Wilsons Family of Chemists who have been helping  mums to settle babies with colic for over 40 years. Wilsons Colic Mixture is agentle blend of ginger and dill and is suitable for babies from birth. Two and Half mls can be given up to four times a day if baby is less than 6kg and up to 6 times a day if baby has a weight over 6 kg.

The mix must be stored in the fridge and has an expiry of 28 days.

Main Ingredients:

  • Dill: Dill Oil serves to expel wind and pains of colic. It also helps to prevent gas formation and is a natural gut muscle relaxant.
  • Ginger: A soothing natural medicine for the gastrointestinal tract. Ginger has been shown to beneficially influence gastric movement while it acts to help prevent painful spasms . It is also a very effective remedy for nausea.

As long as follow the correct dosage you can use the mix for as long as colic symptoms persist. However please see your midwife or doctor if there is no improvement or baby fails to gain weight. 

If you are unsure please talk to one of our pharmacists.

To order either 100ml or 200ml please ring us on 03 332 3156 or click here (or click the image above) and complete the form. Please advise when you will collect and or we can arrange courier delivery at a charge dependent on your address.

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Baby Colic

Colic is a common condition that affects up to 1 in 5 young babies. If your baby suffers from colic you will need to try a number of things to help to relieve their symptoms, and it is important that you seek help and support from friends, family or health professionals too.

Infant colic is ongoing crying without an obvious cause in otherwise healthy babies. It can be very stressful to manage but usually passes by 16 weeks of age.

Babies who suffer from colic will cry inconsolably for several hours at a time, without an obvious reason. They may clench their fists and draw their legs up to their tummies. The crying episodes often occur in the late afternoon or early evening. Sometimes it ends with the passing of a bowel motion or gas, or the baby may simply cry him or herself to sleep.

This video has some helpful advice:

Colic, and the months of distress and sleeplessness that it brings to both infants and parents, can leave you feeling frantic, frustrated, worried, exhausted, confused, guilty and inadequate.

Foremost, it is essential to build and maintain a loving bond with your infant. If your baby experiences colic that does not appear to dissipate, you will probably be looking for a safe, natural and effective colic remedy to ease your baby’s suffering.

For more info:   https://www.familyhealthdiary.co.nz/conditions/colicreflux/

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